What is a Pub Crawl?

Pub crawls and pub walks have been around since the dawn of pubs. I was once told that the pub crawl was invented by two under-age looking students, who in days before photographic ID, walked from pub to pub in search of being allowed in and imbibing a nice ale. But the story of pub crawls goes back so much further.

 Pub Crawl or Pub Walk

In times of old, travellers would walk long distances to get to market and close- by towns in the hope of selling their wares. These travellers would frequently take refreshment in one of the thriving taverns on their way. As a few towns could be visited in a day, a few taverns would be visited. Whilst not a deliberate pub walk, this was the begining of the pub crawls we enjoy today. In later years the stage coach became the more fashionable way to travel and coaching inns soon set up to cater for these travellers. Most journeys would be a days ride to the next tavern, so in practice this would have been the first true pub crawl. There are several coaching inns still to be seen around London.

The George Inn at London Bridge is London’s only surviving  galleried coaching inn.

The term pub crawl has now come to mean a riotous night out wandering aimlessly from pub to pub getting intoxicated. The association with students is more frequent, but a pub crawl does not mean you have to wake up with a cracking hangover.  There are some fabulous pubs crawls all over London and indeed the whole of the UK and Ireland that provide a great opportunity to see some note resting history.


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