The Worlds End – A Classic British Pub Crawl

Fans of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, known for those great movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul and the lesser known Burke and Hare, can rejoice as they have come up with yet another quirky film. The plot behind the new¬† film “The Worlds End” is all about a pub crawl. It’s surprising they can fit that into just one movie, but let’s not judge these guys ability to tell a brilliant story with some great humour along the way.

The Worlds End Pub Crawl Movie

Worlds End MovieThe Worlds End is the last pub on a reunion pub crawl. Five mates who have not seen each other for 20 years return to their home town to finish their ultimate pub crawl, 12 pints in 12 pubs, starting at the First Post and ending at The Worlds End.

The film is set in the fictional town of Newton Haven, which is actually Welwyn Garden City and the pubs have been renamed to reflect the fictional pubs in the film with a name relevant to the film. There are a few web sites that try to look into some deeper meaning behind the pub names used, but that’s a bit like trying to work out the time travel conundrum in Austin Powers (we suggest you don’t think about it).


The Worlds End movie trailer and website


If you feel inspired to do a great pub crawl, then download the London Pub Crawl Company app – London Pub Crawls- and set off on your very own journey of enlightenment. Of course you don’t have to get so drunk that you have no memory of what you did whilst wandering around beautiful London Town. We suggest just a half in each pub is enough to get a feel for the atmosphere. Those more used to drinking, may choose to imbibe a pint, which is what we in the office are prone to do. This will get you well over the limit to drive, but for most blokes this is enough for a pleasant night out.


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