Saving British Pubs

There was a Tom hanks film many years ago called Saving Private Ryan. A story about the Americans travelling through war torn Europe to find a soldier who had served his time (OK all of his brothers had died to give him a reprieve). It was a sentimental journey but with a strong message, something’s are worth the effort. Come forward 70 years and here we are at at war once again. This time it’s a war against developers buying pubs to convert them into housing. OK, it is perhaps fair to say there are many of us that would love to live in a pub, but not one that’s been closed down.

It is heartening to see that when local pubs are faced with possible closure, the local community get together to save their social hub. A recent threatened closure was the Antwerp in Tottenham and the local football club also pitched in with the community to raise enough funds to keep the pub as a pub (yes you would be correct in thinking it was Spurs FC). Being a local pub to the ground, the club recognised that it was an important feature in the clubs landscape. Many of their fans would gather there before and after matches and even a few of the players have been known to drop in. This is community at its best. I wonder if Tom Hanks will play the leading role of the hard done by publican being threatened by greedy developers??

Saving British Pubs, now that’s worth fighting for.

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