Beer Trading

There is a new web site that has been set up to allow people to trade unwanted items (wives not allowed) in exchange for beer. It is understood that the site was given a cease and desist notice from the Western Australian liquor licensing department as it believed the site was selling alcohol. No other State had raised any concerns, just the Mormons in Western Australia. Apparently the site was changed so that cash value is used on the item, equal to the price of a slab of well known Mexican beer! had an offer last week for a private pub tour of London’s pubs run by some “expert” for £52! He guides you to 4 pubs in the Holborn area and buys you a half pint in each. Hmmn wonder where he got that idea from! still, good luck to him if he can make a business out of walking around London visiting pubs. Of course you’ll find those pubs in the London Pub Crawls app with information about the pub too. But you will miss any funny anecdotes he has. But saving over £45 to find some great pubs leaves a huge pile of cash to be used on more beer, a meal and you bus fare home (in London that is!)

The London Pub Crawl Company here to save your wallet!

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