Pubs set to reap the rewards of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

It is less than a year to the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in Britain. Ticket sales have been good and it can be expected that the cost of attending the games will continue to increase as those “held back” tickets get released. So whilst the event will make a lot of cash, the money trail does not end there. A major marketing campaign can be expected to relieve visitors of more money on merchandise. But the real winners will be the local pubs in the locality of the stadiums where the games will be played.

Each game can be expected to be attended by quite a few thousand rugby fans, the majority of which will be beer drinking men! Smart publicans will raise their game to ensure that pints of beer can be delivered quickly to customers so that the profit potential can be maximised. But will the punters be subject to the usual lazy attitude, with long queues and taps running dry? Sadly this is a more frequent problem with major events purely due to publicans not being organised.

Some pubs really catch on to providing good service with areas of the bar specifically set up to serve beer. Some even round the price to make payment easy, such as three pints for £10 and its cash only. Ideas like this are a great opportunity to serve a large quantity of beer to punters in the quickest time possible, which is what the punters want. Honestly, who wants to stand at the bar for a half hour trying to be served?

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will provide a great boost to the British economy and publicans locals to the games can enjoy a nice little earner for a few weeks. Something we can all drink to!

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