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Crippling beer taxes to close more great London pubs

Over the last 4 years the beer tax in the UK has climbed more than 40 per cent. Just as the GFC kicked off, the government made it even tougher for this iconic and unique industry which undoubtedly supports the drive for … Continue reading

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More ‘free house’ pubs close than tenanted or leased pubs in the UK and London

While we have pointed out in early 2011 that fewer London and UK pubs were closing than a year or so earlier, interesting figures show a huge gap between ‘free house’ pubs, and tenanted or leased pubs. A ‘free house’ … Continue reading

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British Government abolishes tax on beer!!

In a shock statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer (George Osborne) today, the British Government conceded that tax on beer was just un-Australian, and really not in the spirit of “Mateship”.  Effective as of today, the British Government has dropped … Continue reading

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