Jack the Ripper Tourist walk in London’s East End, Liverpool Street, Aldgate


A name that has frieghtened the young and old alike for over 100 years. To this day his identity is still unknown.

Five Women Horrifically Mutilated

Police Constable in 1800

Don't go down there, it's not safe y'know

Who was Jack the Ripper and why did he brutally murder five women?

Wander with us as we guide you through the back street of Londons East End and take you to the locations of the five women brutally murdered and mutilated.

We have four great pubs, which are not in our Aldgate walk, where you can sit down and have a stiff drink. You will need it after this terrifying walk.

Four Fantastic Pubs

blood fron Jack the RipperThis walk is 5.7km and will take about 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on your walking speed and how often you get too scarred and need to sit down in one of our great pubs.

40 pages of ghaulish facts and photographs. Maps to show you where the women were murdered and where to find safe haven in four smashing pubs.

London Pub Crawl Company Tube Station logo Start: Whitechapel / End: Liverpool Street

Add to Cart£2.49 -Jack the Ripper 40 page pdf for smartphones and iPad

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