London pub, pint and pub crawl smartphone, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile app

The London Pub Crawl Company is pleased to announce it has launched two Apple iPhone London pub and pub crawl apps.  There is a iPhone Lite version, from within you can in-app purchase to the Premium version (all 160 pubs). The Android version is available for Premium only.

The Lite iPhone London pub app has 20 of London’s greatest pubs in 5 crawls, while the Premium has the best 160 of the 7,000 pubs in London and you can use it on the iPad too.

If you have a Windows Mobile smartphone, leave your email at the end of this page to be notified when those apps are live.

Here’s what some people are saying about the app:

Trupti Patel pic“I love this app. Like most Londoners, I hang out in parts of the city I know well and only frequent tried and tested watering holes…This guide has introduced me to a whole heap of great places I never would have found. A lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon. Thank you.” – Trupti Patel

Paul Daniel pic“Being a foreigner with a love of great beers and interesting pubs, getting this app was a no-brainer when I visited London. Because of the sheer number of pubs in the inner city, finding a good place for a pint is a fairly daunting task to say the least. The London Pub Walks app from the London Pub Crawl Company really has done most of this legwork for you already. The walks are well structured and provide good information on each of the hand-picked venues, plus the ‘find nearest pub’ button can be a lifesaver!” – Paul Daniel

Using The London Pub Crawl Co. iPhone app to explore London on a walk is one of the best ways to see its greatest pubs. Both apps include features of:

Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile London pub and pub crawl app

  • A map showing all the 40 pub walks / crawls in London (consisting of 160 quality pubs)
  • An outline of each crawl:
    • Distance to walk
    • Best time of the day & week to do
    • Start & end Tube stations
  • Four pubs per pub crawl in an area, so you can experience varied English pubs
  • A Google map showing the 4 pubs on the selected walk / crawl, and in what order to visit the pubs
  • An offline map showing the 4 pubs on the selected walk / crawl (in case you don’t have a data connection on your phone)
  • Details on each pub (picture, address, phone, website, our comments about that pub, nearest Tube station and next pub on the walk / crawl)
  • Send pub details to a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS
  • Browse or search for pubs by pub name, Tube station or walk / crawl name
  • “Find nearest pub!” button (if your GPS is on it’ll show you the closest top London pub, according to Jonno & Troy)

Our Lite iPhone app (available in the Apple App Store) includes 5 great pub walks or crawls, with 4 pubs per walk / crawl – that’s 20 wonderful and unique London pubs you can choose from. The map will show the crawls that are available in the Premium app (you will need to upgrade to this app to access those additional quality pubs.)

The Premium app (get the Lite version, then in-app purchase Premium) has 8 times the crawls – the best 40 walks / crawls and 160 greatest pubs in London. And, our Premium version includes extra features of:

  • Get directions from one pub to another
  • “Lucky dip!” button (where the app presents you with one of our favourite pubs at random)
  • Our favourite pub on each walk / crawl
  • Our recommended place to eat at the end of, or during, each walk / crawl

Here are some screen shots of our app:

London pub app - welcome screen

Welcome screen

London pub app - areas of pubs and walks

Areas of pubs and walks

London pub app - walks map

Walks map

London pub app - walks summary

Walks summary

London pub app - walk details

Walk details

London pub app - walk online map

Walk ONLINE map

London pub app - walk offline map

Walk OFFLINE map

London pub app - pub details part 1

Pub details - part 1

London pub app - pub details part 2

Pub details - part 2

London pub app - pubs listed by walk

Pubs listed by walk

Get the best London pub app for Windows smartphones for the top London pubs, pints and pub crawls

Best London pub and pub crawl Windows 7 mobile phone appThe London pub and pub crawl Windows Mobile app will be available soon.

To be notified of its availability please register your interest below.


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If you need an iPhone app created check out our iPhone developer – Appenism.

4 Responses to London pub, pint and pub crawl smartphone, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile app

  1. Are you planning on bringing out an app for the Blackberry? Your app sounds like a great idea. I’m always trying to plan the odd pub crawl and this sounds ideal!

    • troy says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Not at this stage – we have Android about to launch and next after that will probably be Windows Mobile (as they are tipped to be the 3rd player in smartphones in 2012 or 2013). We do have tablet versions in mind too, but for now you could use our PDFs (and these may look good on your BlackBerry too – why not grab a free one and see?)

  2. Ewan says:

    Does your premium app (the only one now availabel in the app store) have the Monopoly Pub Crawl listed yet as suggested on other pages of your website?
    If so I am happy to pay £4.99 for the app.

    • troy says:

      Hi Ewan,

      Thanks for posting your question. We don’t have a Monopoly Pub Crawl in the app, we focus on the best 160 pubs in Central London. We have been thinking about putting together a Monopoly PDF or app, as a few people do ask about it!

      We hope you visit some brilliant pubs in the pub capital of the world.



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