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If you need any further information, need a direct quote from one of the founders or would like to test our premium iPhone app, then please email one of the co-founders, Troy at

Media we have been mentioned in to date:

Key dates:

  • 20 Oct 2010: The London Pub Crawl Company Limited is incorporated in the UK
  • 1 Nov 2010: website launches
  • 1 Dec 2010: Launch our first free 2-page PDF London pub crawls and walks
  • 4 April 2011: Make page 1 of Google for ‘London pub crawls’
  • 12 Aug 2011: First iPhone app launches (Standard and Premium versions)

Files for download:

Notable quotes from the founders:

  • “Our aim is to keep tourists away from the dodgy pubs of London and ensure they wander into the best pub experience possible.  We love our pubs and are very proud to know we promote only the very best in the pub capital of the world.” – Jonno, Co-founder of The London Pub Crawl Co.
  • “At the end of summer 2010, after we both realised our ‘beer talk’ in the pub was serious about starting this business, Jonno jumped on a Boris Bike and visited 500 pubs.  After work I’d cycle over to the area of London Jonno was ‘researching’ and help him narrow down the final 5-6 pubs he’d whittle from the 10-30 he started with that day, to the 4 we put on that crawl.  Jonno has crafted a scientific formula that I don’t even understand for what makes it on the list.  There’s 7,000 pubs in London so we have some way to go yet.  Hard work, but Jonno has to do it…” – Troy, Co-founder of The London Pub Crawl Co.
  • “There are 7,000 pubs in London, we only focus on best – we’re all about a quality experience. Life is too short to experience a bad ale or pub.” – Troy, Co-founder of The London Pub Crawl Co.
  • “One of my favourite things to hear is when someone local to an area goes on one of our crawls and says ‘Wow! What a gem of a pub – I can’t believe I didn’t know this was in my backyard’” – Troy, Co-founder of The London Pub Crawl Co.

Links to our site:

If you are able to provide a link to our website we would be most grateful, it helps with our SEO efforts.  The current search phrases we are focusing on include (in order of our priority):

  • London apps
  • London pubs
  • Best pubs in London
  • London iPhone app
  • London pub apps
  • Things to do in London with an iPhone
  • Walk to places to see in London guided by a pub iPhone app

So if you can use phrases like that as the anchor text (the bit that is underlined and when you click on it, takes you to the site) when you hyperlink to us, thank you.  And please do change the words in the anchor text, or add more to them as the more variation in this text the more the search engines eat the links up.  Please try and keep the words relating to London, pubs, ale, walking tours etc.

We’d also appreciate it if you didn’t always just link to our home page, but to some of these other pages we are targeting for inbound links. Please choose the page(s) most relevant to your content from this list (in our order of targeting priority), and also the right anchor text above:


Finally, please drop the www. from any links to our site (use in the hyperlink, however when using the URL in print or visually on a page please include them (

About The London Pub Crawl Co.

With over 7,000 pubs in London alone, finding a pub is pretty easy.  But how can you tell if it is a good pub and serves real ale?  This is a hard question to answer even if you live in London. But if you are visiting the pub capital of the world, then a nice night at the pub can turn out be a nightmare – just because you picked the wrong pub.  What’s more, you may have missed the opportunity to experience the best pubs London has to offer, and not even know it.

It is the aim of the London Pub Crawl Company to seek out all those great pubs in London that as a traveller you are unlikely to find.  Their boutique tours will take you to the more traditional and some out-of-the-way backstreet pubs that are generally only frequented by locals.

Jonno & Troy have a few golden rules when choosing a pub.  Their list of pubs covers about 5% of the 7,000 pubs in London and all are personally inspected.  The chosen pubs will serve real ales; should not have a television blaring away in the corner (the majority of London pubs do have a TV, but they have some refined policies around this rule); should not have a fruit machine (game or gambling device) as a feature.  The latter may be seen when Jonno feels the pub has enough going for it to make them tolerable (although he thinks they are very undesirable.)

About the iPhone app

What a better way to explore London’s cobbled streets and find hidden pubs than with an iPhone app and the sage words from ale and pub experts, Jonno & Troy.

With over 7,000 pubs in London, The London Pub Crawl Company app brings you a selection of the best 100 pubs in the pub capital of the world. The app will guide you to the best 4 pubs near you, often tucked away down hidden alleys or through quiet cobbled London streets.

Their “research” ensures you only visit the best pubs with real London charm.

The London Pub Crawl Co. app features include:

  • A map showing all the 25 pub walking tours in London (consisting of 100 great pubs)
  • An outline of each pub walking tour (distance to walk, best time of the day and week to do, start and end Tube stations)
  • Four pubs per pub walking tour in an area, so you can experience varied English pubs
  • A Google map showing the 4 pubs on the selected walking tour, and in what order to visit the pubs
  • An offline map showing the 4 pubs on the selected walking tour (in case you don’t have a data connection on your phone)
  • Details on each pub (picture, address, phone, website, our comments about that pub, nearest Tube station and next pub on the walking tour)
  • Send pub details to a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS
  • Browse or search for pubs by pub name, Tube station or walking tour name
  • “Find nearest pub!” button (if your GPS is on it’ll show you the closest top London pub, according to Jonno & Troy)

The 69p app includes 5 great pub walking tours, with 4 pubs per walking tour – that’s 20 wonderful and unique London pubs you can choose from. The map will show a further 20 walking tours that are available in the Premium app (you will need to upgrade to this app to access those 80 quality pubs however.)

The £4.99 Premium app has 5 times the walking tour – the best 25 walking tours and 100 great pubs in London.  The Premium version includes extra features of:

  • Get directions from one pub to another
  • “Lucky dip!” button (where the app presents you with one of our favourite pubs at random)
  • Jonno & Troy’s favourite pub on each walking tour
  • Their recommended place to eat at the end of, or during, each walking tour

About the Downloadable PDFs

On the London Pub Crawl Company site, travellers can download convenient 2 page pdf’s of many of the crawls featured in the iPhone app.  A free walking tour is released every month and other tours can be downloaded at a reasonable cost.

Walking tours specifically aimed at tourists are also available on the site and include interesting history and facts on the pubs, and some of the areas the walk takes you through. Visitors can have an experience as good as if  they knew a local to guide them around the most historic and beautiful London pubs.  But with these wonderful PDFs – which can be downloaded to a smartphone – you can take these tours whenever you like and at a pace suited to you.

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